Intel quartus prime pro edition user guide: getting started


Starting the ADC Toolkit

You can launch the ADC Toolkit from System Console. Before starting the ADC
toolkit, you need to verify that the board is programmed. You can then load the .sof by clicking File > Load Design. If System Console was started with an active project, the design is
auto-loaded when you start System Console.

There are two methods to start the ADC Toolkit. Both methods require you to
have a
MAX 10 device connected, programmed with a
project, and linked to this project. However, the Launch command only shows up if these requirements are met. You can always
start the ADC Toolkit from the Tools menu, but a
successful connection still depends on meeting the above requirements.

  • Click Tools > ADC Toolkit
  • Alternatively, click Launch from
    the Toolkits tab. The path for the device is
    displayed above the Launch button.

Note: Only one ADC Toolkit enabled
device can be connected at a time.

Upon starting the ADC Toolkit, an identifier path on the ADC Toolkit tab
shows you which ADC on the device is being used for this instance of the ADC Toolkit.

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Reducing the Number of Adapters by Adding a Bridge

The figure shows a system with a single AXI master and three AXI slaves. It also
has various interconnect components, such as routers, demultiplexers, and
multiplexers. Two of the slaves have a narrower data width than the master; 16-bit
slaves versus a 32-bit master.

Figure 115. AXI System Without a Bridge

In this system, Platform Designer interconnect
creates four width adapters and four burst adapters to access the two slaves.

You can improve resource usage by adding an AXI bridge. Then, Platform Designer needs to add only two width adapters and two
burst adapters; one pair for the read channels, and another pair for the write

Figure 116. Width and Burst Adapters Added to System With a

The figure shows the same system with an AXI bridge component, and
the decrease in the number of width and burst adapters. Platform Designer creates only two width adapters and two burst adapters, as
compared to the four width adapters and four burst adapters in the previous

Histogram View

The Histogram view shows how often
each code appears. The graph updates every few seconds as it collects data. You can use the
Histogram view to quickly check if your test signal
is set up appropriately.

Figure 15. Example of Pure Sine Wave HistogramThe figure below shows the shape of a pure sine wave signal. Your reference signal
should look similar.

If your reference signal is not a relatively smooth line, but has jagged
edges with some bins having a value of 0, and adjacent bins with a much higher value, then
the test signal frequency is not adequate. Use Scope
mode to help choose a good frequency for linearity testing.


The property itemsPerRow dictates
laying out of widgets
a group. For more complicated layouts where the number of widgets per row is
different, use nested groups. To add a new group with more widgets per row:

toolkit_add my_inner_group group all
toolkit_set_property my_inner_group itemsPerRow 2
toolkit_add inner_button_1 button my_inner_group
toolkit_add inner_button_2 button my_inner_group

commands create a row with a group of two buttons. To make the nested group more
seamless, remove the border with the group name using the following

toolkit_set_property my_inner_group title ""

_hw.tcl Created from Entries in the Parameters Tab

In this example, the first add_parameter
command includes commonly-specified properties. The set_parameter_property command specifies each property individually.
The Tooltip column on the Parameters tab maps to the DESCRIPTION property, and there is an additional unused UNITS property created in the code. The HDL_PARAMETER property specifies that the value of the
parameter is specified in the HDL instance wrapper when creating instances of the
component. The Group column in the Parameters tab maps to the display items section
with the add_display_item commands.

Note: If a parameter <n> defines
the width of a signal, the signal width must follow the format
<n-1> : 0.

ISSP Service

Before you use the ISSP service, ensure your design works in the
In-System Sources and Probes Editor. In System
Console, open the service for an ISSP instance.

set issp_index 0
set issp  0]
set claimed_issp 

View information about this particular ISSP instance.

array set instance_info 
set source_width $instance_info(source_width)
set probe_width $instance_info(probe_width)

Quartus Prime software reads probe data as a
single bitstring of length equal to the probe width.

set all_probe_data 

As an example, you can define the following procedure to extract an
individual probe line’s data.

proc get_probe_line_data {all_probe_data index} {
    set line_data 
    return $line_data
set initial_all_probe_data 
set initial_line_0 
set initial_line_5 
# ...
set final_all_probe_data 
set final_line_0 

Similarly, the
Quartus Prime software writes
source data as a single bitstring of length equal to the source width.

set source_data 0xDEADBEEF
issp_write_source_data $claimed_issp $source_data

The currently set source data can also be retrieved.

set current_source_data 

As an example, you can invert the data for a 32-bit wide source by
doing the following:

Does Intel Quartus Prime Overwrite Platform Designer-Generated Files During Compilation?

Platform Designer supports standard and legacy device
generation. Standard device generation refers to generating files for the
Arria 10
device, and later device families. Legacy device generation refers to generating
files for device families prior to the release of the
Arria 10 device, including MAX
10 devices.

When you integrate your Platform Designer system with the
Quartus Prime software, if a

.qsys file is included as a source file, Platform Designer
generates standard device files under
<system>/ next to the
location of the
.qsys file. For legacy devices, if a
.qsys file is included as a source file, Platform Designer
generates HDL files in the
Quartus Prime project directory under

State Machine Pane

The State Machine pane contains the text entry
boxes where you define the triggering flow and actions associated with each state.

  • You can define the triggering flow using the Signal Tap Trigger Flow Description Language, a simple language based
    on “if-else” conditional statements.
  • Tooltips appear when you move the mouse over the cursor, to guide command entry into
    the state boxes.
  • The GUI provides a syntax check on your flow description in real-time and highlights
    any errors in the text flow.

The State Machine description text boxes default
to show one text box per state. You can also have the entire flow description shown in a
single text field. This option can be useful when copying and pasting a flow description
from a template or an external text editor. To toggle between one window per state, or
all states in one window, select the appropriate option under State Display mode.

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Buffer Control Actions

Actions that control the acquisition buffer.

Table 63.  Buffer Control Actions
Action Description Syntax
trigger Stops the acquisition for the current buffer and
ends analysis. This command is required in every flow
trigger <post-fill_count>;

Available only in segmented acquisition mode.

Ends acquisition of
the current segment. After evaluating this command, the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer starts acquiring from the
next segment. If all segments are written, the Logic Analyzer
overwrites the oldest segment with the latest sample. When a trigger
action is evaluated the acquisition stops.

segment_trigger <post-fill_count>;
start_store Active only in state-based storage qualifier mode.
Asserts the write_enable to the Signal Tap acquisition buffer.

Active only
in state-based storage qualifier mode.

De-asserts the write_enable signal
to the Signal Tap acquisition buffer.


Both trigger and segment_trigger actions accept an optional post-fill_count argument.

Resources Pane

The Resources pane allows you to declare
status flags and counters for your Custom Triggering Flow’s conditional expressions.

  • You can increment/decrement counters or set/clear status flags within
    your triggering flow.
  • You can specify up to 20 counters and 20 status flags.
  • To initialize counter and status flags, right-click the row in the table and
    select Set Initial Value.
  • To specify a counter width, right-click the counter in the table and select
    Set Width.
  • To assist in debugging your trigger flow specification, the logic
    analyzer dynamically updates counters and flag values after acquisition starts.

The Configurable at runtime settings allow
you to control which options can change at runtime without requiring a

Table 59.  Runtime Reconfigurable Settings, State-Based Triggering
Setting Description
Destination of goto action Allows you to modify the destination of
the state transition at runtime.
Comparison values Allows you to modify comparison values
in Boolean expressions at runtime. In addition, you can modify the
segment_trigger and trigger action post-fill count
argument at runtime.
Comparison operators Allows you to modify the operators in
Boolean expressions at runtime.
Logical operators Allows you to modify the logical
operators in Boolean expressions at runtime.

SLD Service

set timeout_in_ms 1000
set lock_failed 

This code attempts to lock the selected SLD node. If it is already
locked, sld_lock waits for the specified timeout.
Confirm the procedure returns non-zero before proceeding. Set the instruction
register and capture the previous one:

if {$lock_failed} {
set instr 7
set delay_us 1000
set capture 

The 1000 microsecond delay guarantees that the following SLD command
executes least 1000 microseconds later. Data register access works the same way.

set data_bit_length 32
set delay_us 1000
set data_bytes 
set capture 

Shift count is specified in bits, but the data content is specified
as a list of bytes. The capture return value is also a list of bytes. Always unlock
the SLD node once finished with the SLD service.

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Prerequisites for Using the ADC Toolkit

  • Modular ADC IP core
  • Reference signal

The ADC Toolkit needs a sine wave signal to be fed to the analog inputs.
You need the capability to precisely set the level and frequency of the reference signal. A
high-precision sine wave is needed for accurate test results; however, there are useful
things that can be read in Scope mode with any input

To achieve the best testing results, ensure that the reference signal has
less distortion than the device ADC is able to resolve. Otherwise, you are adding
distortions from the source into the resulting ADC distortion measurements. The limiting
factor is based on hardware precision.

ADC Toolkit Flow

The ADC Toolkit GUI consists of four panels: Frequency Selection, Scope, Signal Quality, and Linearity.

  1. Use the Frequency Selection panel
    to calculate the required sine wave frequency for proper signal quality testing. The ADC
    Toolkit provides the nearest ideal frequency based on the desired reference signal
  2. Use the Scope panel to tune the
    signal generator or inspect input signal characteristics.
  3. Use the Signal Quality panel to
    test the performance of the ADC using industry standard metrics.
  4. Use the Linearity panel to test
    the linearity performance of the ADC and display differential and integral non-linearity


The first example illustrates how to compile a design with the Signal Tap logic analyzer at the command line.

quartus_stp filtref --stp_file stp1.stp --enable
quartus_map filtref --source=filtref.bdf --family=CYCLONE
quartus_fit filtref --part=EP1C12Q240C6 --fmax=80MHz --tsu=8ns
quartus_asm filtref

The quartus_stp —stp_file stp1.stp
—enable command creates the QSF variable and instructs the
Quartus Prime software to compile the stp1.stp file with your design. The —enable option must be applied for the Signal Tap logic analyzer to compile into your design.

The following example creates a new .stp
after building the Signal Tap logic analyzer
instance with the IP Catalog.

Continuously Capturing Data

This excerpt shows commands you can use to
continuously capture data. Once the capture meets trigger condition e, the Signal Tap logic
analyzer starts the capture and stores the data in the data log.

#  Open Signal Tap session
open_session -name stp1.stp

###  Start acquisition of instances auto_signaltap_0 and
###  auto_signaltap_1 at the same time

# Calling run_multiple_end starts all instances

run -instance auto_signaltap_0 -signal_set signal_set_1 -trigger \
trigger_1 -data_log log_1 -timeout 5
run -instance auto_signaltap_1 -signal_set signal_set_1 -trigger \
trigger_1 -data_log log_1 -timeout 5


# Close Signal Tap session

Address Connections from Platform Designer System to PCB

The flash device operates on 16‑bit words and must ignore the
least‑significant bit of the Avalon-MM address. The figure shows addras not connected. The SSRAM memory operates on
32-bit words and must ignore the two low-order memory bits. Because neither device
requires a byte address, addr is not routed on
the PCB.

The flash device responds to address range 0 MB to 8 MB-1. The SSRAM
responds to address range 8 MB to 10 MB-1. The PCB schematic for the PCB connects
addr to addr of the SSRAM device because the SSRAM responds to 32‑bit
word address. The 8 MB flash device accesses 16‑bit words; consequently, the
schematic does not connect addr. The chipselect signals select between the two devices.

Figure 130. Address Connections from Platform Designer System to PCB

Note: If you create a custom tri-state
conduit master with word aligned addresses, the Tri‑state Conduit Pin Sharer does
not change or align the address signals.

Adding Widgets

Use the toolkit_add command to add

toolkit_add my_button button all

The following commands add a label widget
to the root toolkit. In the GUI,
label appears as

set name "my_label"
set content "Widget Label"
toolkit_add $name label all
toolkit_set_property $name text $content

In the GUI, the displayed text changes to the new value. Add one more

toolkit_add my_label_2 label all
toolkit_set_property my_label_2 text "Another label"

new label appears to the right of the first label.

To place the new label under the
first, use
the following command:

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Воронка продаж, канбан-доска, уведомления о планируемых действиях в мессенджеры, контроль звонков и обращений, аналитика и отчеты, и многое другое, без чего трудно представить современного успешного агента по недвижимости.

База данных клиентов

Ведите базу данных своих клиентов в одном месте, чтобы никогда не пропустить запланированные задачи. Ни один клиент не будет забыт, ни один покупатель не пройдет мимо вашего объекта.

Начать планомерную работу с задачами по всем клиентом – так же легко и естественно, как отвечать на входящие телефонные звонки. Также вы можете гибко настраивать, при каких условиях вы и ваши коллеги будут получать уведомления о потребностях клиентов, с которыми долгое время не работали.

Фиксация звонков клиентов

Колл-центр, мобильное приложение, интеграция с IP-телефонией крупнейших операторов – позволяют не только фиксировать все звонки, но и возвращаться к потенциальным покупателей с предложениями новых подходящих им объектов.

Другие коллеги вашего агентства получат уведомления о наличии у вас покупателя, который интересуется похожей недвижимостью.

Обучение риэлторов

Мы сотрудничаем с лучшими профессионалами, обучающими риэлторов. Участвуйте в эффективных курсах обучения, доступных для новичков, и полезных для профессионалов с опытом.

Бесплатно проходите тестирование по юридическим аспектам работы с недвижимостью и по особенностям рынка недвижимости. Создавайте собственные программы обучения и тесты для вашего агентства недвижимости

Документооборот агентства недвижимости

Вся договорная база агентства ведется в специальном разделе, все привычные формы документов всегда под рукой.

Пустографки остались в прошлом. Достаточно выбрать нужный документ, ввести данные клиента – и полностью заполненный документ готов к распечатке. Также вы можете контролировать статус каждого из актуальных договоров.

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