Viewing logs (classic)

Controller Integration for Browser Display

All that is required is to execute the method in a Controller that is mapped to a route:

A typical Controller (LogViewerController.php) will have the following content:

private $logViewer;

public function __construct() {
    $this->logViewer = new \CILogViewer\CILogViewer();

public function index() {
    echo $this->logViewer->showLogs();

Then the route (application/config/routes.php) can be configured thus:

$route = "logViewerController/index";

And that’s all! If you visit on your browser
you should see all the logs that are in application/logs folder and their content


The folder path for log files can be configured by adding clv_log_folder_path to CodeIgniter’s config.php file e.g.

The file pattern for matching all the log files in the log folder can be configured by adding
clv_log_file_pattern to CodeIgniter’s config.php file e.g.

Free File Viewer

Free File Viewer is a versatile file viewer that can open files of various formats. It supports opening log files as well and opens large log files quickly without affecting any other running task. It is such a fast large log file viewer that opening 1 GB large log files is a cake walk for this software. In terms of features, it is pretty basic. You can open a log file, and perform basic searches in it. It only shows one search result at a time, and you need to manually move to next search result. Apart from that, it really does not have any feature that make it a good log file viewer.

On the contrary, I noticed a couple of issues while installing it. It tried to change homepage of my browser without my permission. It also downloaded Real Player’s browser plugin, without asking me for the same.

So, I would suggest you to stay away from this, unless you are looking for a versatile file viewer that can support a lot of file formats (including image and video formats).


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This tool has not been tested on Internet Explorer, but definitely won’t work on versions earlier than version 9.

Your web browser must support the video codec that your flight video uses in order to play it. Firefox doesn’t support
H.264 videos on Mac, so if your video won’t play, try Google Chrome instead. If it still won’t play, follow the
instructions in the next section to convert your video using Handbrake.

The best performing web browser tends to be Google Chrome, especially when trying to play your flight video at the same

This tool is currently in the Beta stage, so a number of key features have yet to be implemented:

  • There is no control over the amount of smoothing applied to the graph lines
  • There is no way to single-step between loop iterations with the arrow keys

Log Expert

Log Expert is a lightweight log viewer for Windows. This log file viewer is suitable for small log files. I was able to open a 300 MB log file in it, but a larger file didn’t open. It can open multiple log files in separate tabs. If you reopen the software, all tabs will be restored. The best part of this freeware is that you can edit a log file and save it on your PC. Like some other log viewer software in this list, it also displays the list of recently opened files, which provides you quick access. It opens a log file and displays its line numbers.

You can add bookmarks to any row and switch among added bookmarks easily. If you want to view all your added bookmarks, simply press F6 key. This log analyzer will open a window that contains all your added bookmarks. It also lets you export all bookmarks on your PC.

Filters: Use filters to modify your searches. You can make your searches case sensitive, invert your matches, restrict columns, open filtered results in new tabs, etc.

Search Tool: You can start your search either from selected text or from top. Besides this, directional search is also available in this software, which lets you start search in forward or backward direction. It highlights all searched text within the entire log file with yellow color. This lets you recognize them easily. After the completion of a search, it shows all the lines that contain searched text along with their line numbers at its bottom part.

Encoding: It supports 5 types of encoding, which include: ASCII, Windows-1252, UTF8, etc.

File Peeker

File Peeker is a free lightweight log file reader which lets you open large log files quickly. The main advantage of this log file viewer is that it lets you specify the part of the log files that you want to view. For example, you can specify that you want to start viewing the log file starting 22,000 bytes, and view 10,000 bytes from there on. You can also specify this in percentage, that where do you want to start viewing your log file from, and then what percentage of it you want to view. I wish it had option to specify this information in terms of number of lines as well, but that feature is missing.

So, if you have a very large log file, but you know which part of it you want to view, then this freeware log viewer will come very handy.

It does provide search as well, but the search feature is pretty basic. You can only search for an exact match string, and choose to perform the search case sensitive or non-case sensitive. It does not have any option to perform regex based search. Also, when you search for a string, it does not highlight all the instances of that string, but only the first instance is highlighted. You have to press Search button again to go to the next search result.

A good feature of search is that you can choose to search the entire log file, or only the part of the log file that you have chosen to view.

So, to summarize, if you want a log viewer that lets you view a specific part of a log file, then File Peeker is a good software for that. But if you want one with powerful search options, then you need to use some other log viewer from this list.

view log

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Log management and intelligence — Log Management (LM) comprises an approach to dealing with large volumes of computer generated log messages (also known as audit records, audit trails, event logs, etc). LM covers log collection, centralized aggregation, long term retention and… … Wikipedia

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Windows Security Log — The Security Log, in Microsoft Windows, is a log that contains records of login/logout activity and/or other security related events specified by the system s audit policy. Auditing allows administrators to configure Windows to record operating… … Wikipedia

The Log from the Sea of Cortez — infobox Book | name = The Log from the Sea of Cortez title orig = translator = image caption = Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research cover author = John Steinbeck cover artist = country = United States language = English… … Wikipedia

Transaction log — Binary log redirects here. For logarithms in base 2, see Binary logarithm. In the field of databases in computer science, a transaction log (also database log or binary log) is a history of actions executed by a database management system to… … Wikipedia

Chainsaw (log file viewer) — Apache Chainsaw Screenshot Demonstration of the Apache Chainsaw GUI Developer(s) Apache Software Foundation Stable release … Wikipedia

Mud log — A Mud log is a graphical representation of the ROP (Rate Of Penetration), lithology, hydrocarbons and other drilling parameters generated while drilling an oil well. The act of gathering this information is considered mud logging and is done by… … Wikipedia

Dive log — This is the cover of CMAS dive log book. A dive log is used by a scuba diver to record the details of their dives. The log may either be in a book, software, or web based. The log serves purposes both related to safety and personal records.… … Wikipedia


Get access to your website logs and troubleshoot issues faster!


  • Enable WordPress error logging with:
    • .htaccess
    • wp-config.php using
    • wp-config.php using
  • Search and view error logs:
    • PHP
    • WordPress
  • Configure email notifications about log changes:
    • Set the email
    • Change frequency
  • Configure log monitor settings:
    • Choose the log to be displayed
    • Choose what to show in the log:
      • Certain last lines in the file
      • Log for a certain period of time
      • Full file
  • View or save the part of PHP error logs as TXT file
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version
  • Incredibly simple settings for fast setup without modifying code
  • Detailed step-by-step documentation and videos

If you have a feature suggestion or idea you’d like to see in the plugin, we’d love to hear about it! Suggest a Feature

Help & Support

Visit our Help Center if you have any questions, our friendly Support Team is happy to help –


  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Ukrainian (uk)

Some of these translations are not complete. We are constantly adding new features which should be translated. If you would like to create your own language pack or update the existing one, you can send the text of PO and MO files to BestWebSoft and we’ll add it to the plugin. You can download the latest version of the program for work with PO and MO files Poedit.

Диалоговое окно «Параметры журнала»The Log Settings Dialog

В диалоговом окне Параметры журнала можно выполнить следующие действия.You can use the Log Settings dialog to perform the following actions.

Отключение ведения журналаTo disable logging

Выберите Журнал отключен.Select the Log disabled option button

Обратите внимание, что этот параметр выбран по умолчанию.Note that this option is selected by default.

Запись привязок сборок в исключенияTo log assembly binds in exceptions

Выберите Запись текста исключения в журнал.Select the Log in exception text option button. В тексте исключения указываются наиболее краткие сведения fusion-журнала.Only the least detailed fusion log information is logged in exception text. Чтобы просмотреть все сведения, используйте один из других параметров.To view full information, use one of the other settings.

важное примечание о сборках, которые загружаются как нейтральные к домену.See the Important note regarding assemblies that are loaded as domain neutral.

Запись в журнал ошибок привязки сборокTo log assembly bind failures

Выберите Запись ошибок привязки на диск.Select the Log bind failures to disk option button.

важное примечание о сборках, которые загружаются как нейтральные к домену.See the Important note regarding assemblies that are loaded as domain neutral.

Запись в журнал всех привязок сборокTo log all assembly binds

Выберите Запись всех привязок на диск.Select the Log all binds to disk option button.

важное примечание о сборках, которые загружаются как нейтральные к домену.See the Important note regarding assemblies that are loaded as domain neutral.. Важно!


Если сборка загружается как нейтральная к домену, например если свойству LoaderOptimization задано значение или , в некоторых случаях ведение журнала может привести к утечке памяти.When an assembly is loaded as domain neutral, for example by setting the LoaderOptimization property to or , turning on logging might leak memory in some cases. Это возможно, если запись вносится в журнал при загрузке нейтрального к домену модуля в домен приложения с последующей выгрузкой домена приложения.This can happen if a log entry is made when a domain-neutral module is loaded into an application domain, and later the application domain is unloaded. Запись журнала может не освобождаться до завершения данного процесса.The log entry might not be released until the process ends. Некоторые отладчики включают ведение журналов автоматически.Some debuggers automatically turn on logging.

Разрешение пользовательского пути к журналуTo enable a custom log path

  1. Выберите Разрешить пользовательский путь к журналу.Select the Enable custom log path option button.

  2. Введите путь в текстовом поле Пользовательский путь к журналу.Enter the path into the Custom log path text box.


Средство просмотра журнала привязки сборок (Fuslogvw.exe) сохраняет журнал привязок в кэше Internet Explorer.The Assembly Binding Log Viewer (Fuslogvw.exe) uses the Internet Explorer (IE) cache to store its binding log. Из-за возможных повреждений кэша Internet Explorer в окне средства просмотра журнала привязок сборки (Fuslogvw.exe) перестают отображаться новые журналы привязок.Due to occasional corruption in the IE cache, the Assembly Binding Log Viewer (Fuslogvw.exe) can sometimes stop showing new binding logs in the viewing window. В результате таких сбоев инфраструктура привязки в платформе .NET (fusion) не может выполнять запись в журнал привязки и считывание из него.As a result of this corruption, the .NET binding infrastructure (fusion) cannot write to or read from the binding log. (Эта проблема не возникает при выборе пользовательского пути к журналу). Чтобы fusion-журнал снова отображал привязки, очистите кэш IE. Для этого удалите временные файлы Интернета в диалоговом окне «Свойства обозревателя».(This issue is not encountered if you use a custom log path.) To fix the corruption and allow fusion to show binding logs again, clear the IE cache by deleting temporary internet files from within the IE Internet Options dialog.

Если неуправляемое приложение размещает среду CLR посредством реализации интерфейсов и , хранение записей журнала в кэше WinINet невозможно.If your unmanaged application hosts the common language runtime by implementing the and interfaces, log entries can’t be stored in the wininet cache. Чтобы просматривать записи журнала основных пользовательских приложений, которые реализуют эти интерфейсы, необходимо задать альтернативный путь к журналу.To view log entries for custom hosts that implement these interfaces, you must specify an alternate log path.



Download the installer from Releases.

Note for MacOS X users

Changes to the security model used in the latest versions of MacOS X 10.14 (Mojave) and 10.15 (Catalina) mean that the operating system will show an error message (‘»Betaflight\ Blackbox\» is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.’) when trying to install the application. To work around this, run the following command in a terminal before installing: .

  1. Click + Add to Chrome

Please note — the application will automatically update itself when new versions are released.

Alternative way, Chrome app:

  1. Clone the repo to any local directory or download it as zip.
  2. If downloaded as a zip, extract it into a new directory.
  3. Start Google Chrome.
  4. Click the 3-dots on the far right of the URL bar.
  5. Select «More Tools»
  6. Select «Extensions»
  7. Check the Developer Mode checkbox.
  8. Click on load unpacked extension.
  9. Point it to the folder you extracted the zip to.

Unstable Testing Versions

Unstable testing versions of the lates builds of the Betaflight Blackbox Explorer for most platforms can be downloaded from here.

Be aware that these versions are intended for testing / feedback only, and may be buggy or broken.

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Measuring the positive side of the work–family interface: Development and validation of a work–family enrichment scale


Before you Begin

To connect to offline log files, an instance of SQL Server must be installed on the computer that you are using to view the offline log files, and on the computer where the log files that you want to view are located. If an instance of SQL Server is installed on both computers, you can view offline files for instances of SQL Server, and for instances that are running earlier versions of SQL Server on either computer.

If you are using Registered Servers, the instance that you want to connect to must be registered under Local Server Groups or under Central Management Servers. (The instance can be registered on its own or be a member of a server group.) For more information about how to add an instance of SQL Server to Registered Servers, see the following topics:

For more information about how to view offline log files programmatically through WMI and WQL queries, see the following topics:

  • SqlErrorLogEvent Class (This topic shows how to retrieve values for logged events in a specified log file.)

  • SqlErrorLogFile Class (This topic shows how to retrieve information about all SQL Server log files on a specified instance of SQL Server.)


Click the «Open log file/video» button at the top right and select your log file and your flight video (if you recorded one).

You can scroll through the log by clicking or dragging on the seek bar that appears underneath the main graph. The
current time is represented by the vertical red bar in the center of the graph. You can also click and drag left and
right on the graph area to scrub backwards and forwards.

Syncing your log to your flight video

The blackbox plays a short beep on the buzzer when arming, and this corresponds with the start of the logged data.
You can sync your log against your flight video by pressing the «start log here» button when you hear the beep in the
video. You can tune the alignment of the log manually by pressing the nudge left and nudge right buttons in the log
sync section, or by editing the value in the «log sync» box. Positive values move the log toward the end of the video,
negative values move it towards the beginning.

Customizing the graph display

Click the «Graph Setup» button on the right side of the display in order to choose which fields should be plotted on
the graph. You may, for example, want to remove the default gyro plot and add separate gyro plots for each rotation axis.
Or you may want to plot vbat against throttle to examine your battery’s performance.

Viewing logs using GNOME System Log Viewer

The GNOME System Log Viewer provides a simple GUI for viewing and monitoring log files. If you’re running Ubuntu 17.10 or above, it will be called Logs. Otherwise, it will be under the name System Log.

System Log Viewer interface

The log viewer has a simple interface. The sidebar on the left shows a list of open log files, with the contents of the currently selected file displayed on the right.

The log viewer not only displays but also monitors log files for changes. The bold text (as seen in the screenshot above) indicates new lines that have been logged after opening the file. When a log that is not currently selected is updated, it’s name in the file list will turn bold (as shown by in the screenshot above).

Clicking on the cog at the top right of the window will open a menu allowing you to change some display settings, as well as open and close log files.

There is also a magnifying glass icon to the right of the cog that allows you to search within the currently selected log file.

Native app build via NW.js

App build and release

The tasks are defined in and can be run through yarn:

List of possible values of :

  • dist copies all the JS and CSS files in the folder.
  • apps builds the apps in the folder .
  • debug builds debug version of the apps in the folder .
  • release zips up the apps into individual archives in the folder .

Running this task on macOS or Linux requires Wine, since it’s needed to set the icon for the Windows app (build for specific platform to avoid errors).

Setting up and building on a Mac

  • Install GitHub desktop application from and open the GitHub Desktop application.
  • At, select Clone or Download > Open in Desktop

(The GitHub Desktop application should come to the front and create a repository (not necessarily where you want it). The blackbox-log-viewer repository (folder) should appear under the list of local repositories. You can find your local repository location on your mac using the ‘Locate in Finder’ command GitHub Desktop It can be moved somewhere more else, but you’ll then need to tell Github where you’re moved it to.)

Open and install or update homebrew:

install node 8.x and yarn, if already installed, agree to update them

Change Terminal’s working directory wherever you put blackbox-log-viewer folder; easiest way is to type ‘cd ‘ in Terminal then drag the blackbox-log-viewer folder from the Finder to the terminal window. Or use a terminal command like

install dependencies into that folder (ignoring many confusing messages) with:

finally build the DMG itself, which will end up in blackbox-log-viewer/release/, with:

Build or release app for one specific platform

To build or release only for one specific platform you can append the plaform after the .
If no platform is provided, only for the platform you are builing from will be build.

  • MacOS X use
  • Linux use
  • Windows use
  • ChromeOS use

You can also use multiple platforms e.g. .

macOS DMG installation background image

The release distribution for macOS uses a DMG file to install the application.
The PSD source for the DMG backgound image can be found in the root (). After changing the source, export the image to PNG format in folder .

How to View Log Files: UniFi Security Gateways

To view log files under a USG:

1. Connect to the USG via SSH. 2. In the EdgeOS CLI, the log can be viewed by running the following commands:

General Logging

show log

IPsec VPN Logging

show vpn log 

FreeRADIUS Logging 

sudo cat /var/log/freeradius/radius.log

DNSmasq Logging

sudo cat /var/log/dnsmasq.log

IPS/IDS Engine Logging

sudo cat /var/log/suricata/suricata.log

3. View live logging.

To view the live logs, with output updating in your SSH session as new logs are appended, run the following instead of the cat command above.

tail -f /var/log/messages

User Tip:If a user would like to only get the last number of lines the tail utility can be used. The command below will output the last 10 lines of the radius.log file. 

sudo tail -n 10 /var/log/freeradius/radius.log

NOTE:Firewall logs aren’t in the UI yet. Please see this for more details.  

File Viewer Lite

File Viewer Lite is a free log file viewer which lets you open large log files quickly. It displays metadata and other information of opened file on its interface. For example, if I open a log file in this free log viewer, I will get alpha and omega of that file, which includes: file size, file location, date and time on which it was opened, date and time on which it was modified, etc. On the right side on its interface, entire log file is displayed along with the line numbers, Ruler, and Syntax Tree. There are options to hide one or any of these.

If I talk about the type of view, there are three types of views available for a log file, namely: Native, Text, and Hex view.

  • Native view is the original representation of a log file, i.e. it shows a log file in its original code. This is the default view.
  • Text view converts a log file and displays it in a coded text format.
  • Hex view converts a log file in Hexadecimal code and displays it on the interface.

A very useful feature of this freeware is Find Tool.

Find Tool: You can search a text in the entire log file by pressing Ctrl+F keys on your keyboard. Following are types of searches that are available in this free log viewer:

  • Case Sensitive
  • Whole Words Only
  • Regular Expressions Searches

This file viewer provides further options to customize the search:

  • Direction Search: Use this search mode to start search either in forward or in backward direction.
  • Origin Search: This type of search mode starts searching texts either from the position where you have placed cursor in a log file or from the beginning.

Apart from this, it also lets you edit a log file and export it on your PC as txt file. Cut, Copy, and Paste features are also available in this free log analyzer for PC.

Though this free log viewer comes with many good features, but I do not recommend it to you if you are looking for log viewers that can handle heavy files easily. This freeware is limited for small log files whose size do not exceeds 300 MB. I have tried 500 MB log file in this Windows log viewer, but it failed to open it and displayed a message “Not Sufficient Memory“. Hence, I suggests you to download it only if you are looking for a very basic log file viewer.

NOTE: Save feature is not available in its free version.

Trace data

When a log entry contains both the and the latency-related field, both
the latency and trace icon appear.

When a log entry contains only the field, then only the trace icon appears.

To view the trace data related to the log entry, click the trace icon. You have
the following options:

View trace details: Shows the parent span and child traces along with
details about the trace. To view more details about
the trace, navigate to Cloud Trace by clicking
View in Trace. For more information about the
content in the flyout panel, see Viewing trace details.

  • Show all logs for this trace: Refines and runs the query by adding the
    field set to the identifier of
    the trace associated with the log entry.

  • Show only traced requests: Refines and runs the query by adding the
    field set to . For more
    information on sampling, go to

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